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If you are stressed, overwhelmed and crave calm & space you're in the right place! 

I am here to bring you the tools to find greater focus, joy and calm through mindfulness workshops, courses & resources.

welcome to BFM

  A space to learn how to pause  &  breathe.

​A space to find calm in your mind by learning to "be" in the NOW.  

​A space to experience tranquility in the midst of an uncertain, chaotic world.

A space to help you re-set and stop reliving your own version of  "Groundhog Day" so that you can be content. Happy. At peace.


​I look forward to walking with you so that you too can experience bliss in your mind.


Do you want more of any of the following? 

    • Greater focus -  because you're often so easily distracted
    • Real happiness - everyday seems a shade of grey right now
    • To step off the treadmill of work, sleep, repeat
    • 'Space' in your mind due to all the thoughts flying around
    • Increased productivity with clarity and staying on task
    • Satisfaction  with life - as the grass is greener here & now! 
    • No more anxiety - especially for no good reason! 
    • Calm & peaceful mind - those chaotic thoughts can get tiring
    • 'Smooth' life - instead of being constantly stressed - with others noticing!
    • Clarity  in your mind - enough of those "difficult to grab-hold of" moments or thoughts
    • Good night's sleep ...as it's been SO long!   
    • No more overwhelm where there's too much to do. Everything is just too much.
    • Content, really content with life. At peace. Happy.

If you said "yes" to any of the above then I'd be honoured to connect with you.  Go ahead and check out the Your Journey to Bliss page on how I can best serve you today!


In a nut-shell, if you desire to trade your chaotic, overwhelmed mind with that of a calm, focused and contented one you're in the right place, welcome! 

Bliss-filled Mind
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"Karin is a person of great integrity and generosity who has a genuine heart for people. I have benefited from her expert guidance in group work and have valued her authenticity and the insightful way she leads. Great to be with someone who loves what they are doing. ”

Medical Practitioner, Melbourne.