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If you want to upgrade your wellbeing - better manage stress, anxiety and negative thinking - you're in the right place! 

I am here to bring you the tools you need to find greater focus, calm and happiness .

welcome to BFM

  A space to learn how to pause  &  breathe.

​A space to find calm in your mind by learning to "be" in the NOW.  

​A space to experience tranquillity in the midst of an uncertain, chaotic world.

A space to help you re-wire your mind so that unhelpful core beliefs, negative thoughts and anxiety no longer hold you back.


​I look forward to walking with you so that you too can experience bliss in your life!


Imagine that you had...

    • Greater focus -  not so easily distracted so you can get more done
    • No more overwhelm - where there's too much to do. Everything is just … too much.
    • Increased productivity - with clarity and staying on task
    • Real happiness - as everyday seems a shade of grey right now
    • A way to work through those negative patterns in your life that seem to always repeat themselves 
    • 'Space' in your mind - the flying thoughts are at rest
    • Positive thinking - discovering that your mind supports you for success, no longer holding you back! 
    • No more anxiety - especially for no good reason! 
    • 'Smooth' life - instead of being constantly stressed - with others noticing!
    • Improved emotional regulation - where you control your emotions, not the other way around! 
    • Clarity  in your mind - enough of those "difficult to grab-hold of" moments or thoughts
    • Good night's sleep ...as it's been SO long!   
    • Calm & peaceful mind - as those chaotic thoughts can get tiring
    • The ability to Control Anger - so that you don't fly off the handle anymore
    • Real Contentment - At Peace. Ahhhh!

 In a nut-shell, if you desire to truly find peace, manage any anxious and negative thoughts that surface and gain improved focus in all  parts of your life you're in the right place! 

Find out how YOU can discover YOUR bliss through these great offers... 

Bliss-filled Hub

Grab your invitation to join our FREE FaceBook community! Especially for those living a busy life. Karin shows up regularly bringing training, insights, meditations & tips to re-set your life PLUS you get to connect with others on the journey to bliss. 

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Bliss-filled Mind Workshops

Workshops focus on stress reducing mindfulness tools through transformational training, scientific evidence and loads of practise. A great way to get more in-depth guidance for your journey to bliss. Held face-to-face & via Zoom. 

Blissful Living Blog

Check-out Karin's blog posts to gain deeper insights into mindfulness and blissful living. Plus some things that matter to me... like making your soul sing!

The Power of Pause: from Chaos to Calm in 5 Weeks!

A fast track way for you to transform your life with Karin guiding you the whole way.

Especially suited to those who are super busy wanting to gain greater focus & emotional regulation to get ahead in business and in life.

Places are limited - to give all participants tons of personal input from Karin.

Bliss-filled Mind
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"Karin is a person of great integrity and generosity who has a genuine heart for people. I have benefited from her expert guidance in group work and have valued her authenticity and the insightful way she leads.”

Medical Practitioner, Melbourne.

Bliss-filled Mind
Testimonials Photo_Sunset

"Karin’s teaching ability is clear and concise, she has a genuine compassion for people. I have found her insight and directional teaching to be extremely beneficial while still allowing for your own input. She is inclusive in her teachings walking along side you while giving direction. Mindfulness and touching your own spirituality is life changing.”

BA. Theol, Dip Min.