Making Your Soul Sing

Sunrise over Beach-1

I’ve recently returned from a holiday at the beach. Before I go on, you have to know this about me, I love the sea! Love the beach! Love the waves. The sky. The smell. The sound. No matter the weather I just LOVE the sea. It's the one place on earth I always feel at home and free. So here I am with my hubby and son on holidays staying an easy 2 minute walk to the shore. I couldn’t help but wake up at the crack of dawn each morning – before the rest of the household had emerged from their rooms – and make my way to the beach.

Pure and utter bliss! I even had to make one last visit on the morning we left just to make sure that I’d sucked out everything that I could before leaving. One last look over my shoulder as I walked up the path and I whispered "Goodbye, till next time!" as you would to a dear friend because for me, on the beach my soul truly does come alive.

Long ago I learnt that I need to regularly do things that make my soul come alive. Like visiting a beach. Back at home I don’t have a beach close at hand but a regular visit to a favourite walking path through a wetlands & bush with Spike, our pooch, also make my soul sing. I’ve learnt the hard way that neglecting to set time aside each week to walk this track and my soul seems to wither.  

Not just my soul but my mind, body and ultimately my spirit also suffer. Disregarding my soul’s needs and getting, instead, caught up in a cycle of busyness, stress and working too long hours and I begin to struggle with signs of low mood & ultimately depression. Both my mind and my body need me to do things that my soul enjoys to stay focussed and healthy. I know we are all different, but I challenge you to see what a difference it makes, even in your productivity, to plan in time to do things that bring you a sense of joy, fulfillment, and wellbeing - to make your soul come alive.

What makes you truly happy? Drinking a good wine with friends? Getting lost in a good book? Listening to your favourite playlist? Laughing with your kids? Going for a run? Sharing a great conversation with a loved one? Whatever it is, plan now to do it at least a couple of times this week. The busier I am the more I need to plan these times in. Don’t just leave these moments to chance, pull up your calendar now & slot a couple of things into your week that truly make you feel alive. Your soul will thank you for it!  


Post walk happy Spike! 



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