The Flow of Life & Why You Need It

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For those who have lived through some sort of lock-down this past year you may get what I mean when I say face-to-face relationships were the biggest thing missing from my life.

In Victoria, Australia, where I live, we spent 5 months of 2020 locked in our homes with only a 5km radius to go out for food or 1 hour of exercise each day. I missed a lot of things, in that time, but the most powerful thing I missed was seeing my friends face-to-face. I missed relationships with ‘skin on’. Zoom or phone calls just didn’t cut it.

That’s because relationships should experience a constant flow. A flow of life. A flow of love. Flow of peace. Flow of joy. Sure, we can still experience some of that when we’re apart but it’s just not the same.

Imagine the flow of life within relationships - love, peace, etc - being like a river. Rivers flow from a Source and bring life along its path. The waters flow freely but they also pick up debris along the way. Storms also come and sometimes blockages occur in the flow to really reduce, or even stop, the flow.

Just like a river we were meant to be conduits of the flow of Life. Peace or Love are meant to flow into us and then out to others, a never-ending stream throughout the universe.

However, experiences along the way often create debris and blockages in that flow. For some they might have built massive walls in that flow to “protect or to fortify” their Love. They struggle to go deep in relationship. They struggle to open up and be vulnerable because their Love is sheltering behind that wall. The love might go in but that’s where it stays. There is no flow of Life or Love out.

Others might continually suck all the life-flow out of others. Get too close and quickly you feel like you are sucked bone dry. They demand Love, demand Life but never give it back.

You might recognise some of these scenarios in others but we can’t release the obstacles in another’s life but we can do that for ourselves. Naming and acknowledging the debris is the first big step in the process. Then perhaps finding a trusted other to walk with you as you clear out the blockages.

Then we might ask, how do we maintain that flow into ourselves and also through us? We want to receive Life but we also want to give. After all we want mutually healthy relationships don't we?

Simply, we have to be connected to The Source. What is the source of Life for you? Where do you feel alive the strongest? What is the source of Peace for you? Or Love? What brings you to a place where you can freely breathe and feel totally alive?

For some this might be God. For others it might be in a loving relationship. For others it might be regular meditation. Or a deep connection with nature. Whatever it is that brings Life to your soul, remain connected to that and drink from that Life often. Daily.

When you drink of that Source allow the Love, Peace, Joy, etc to flow back to the one offering it to you. Receive. Give. Flow. In. Out. Flow. A never-ending cycle of Life.


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