Good Vibrations!

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Ever walked into a room and you could cut the air with a knife? Even without knowing what has happened between the people in the room you just know that there has been some major conflict just before you walked in.

Or perhaps you just get the creeps around a person in the supermarket? Or feel peaceful around another?

What you are picking up on is the frequency emitting from the person.

All of us emit a frequency, a vibration of who we are and what we’re feeling. The Beach Boys were obviously onto this as they even referred to it in their song, Good Vibrations. (I know you want to sing it with me! Go on! “I'm pickin' up good vibrations. She's giving me the excitations… Good, good, good, good vibrations!”) Sorry, back onto the topic…

Science, through quantum physics, has shown us that everything in the universe is constantly vibrating. Even innate objects, like wood or stone, are moving at a quantum level.

If you zoom right down into the atoms of any matter and then zoom in even more down to the nucleus, inside of the atom, there are even smaller particles, called photons and electrons, some of which are vibrating. Science out of the way, what this basically means is, everything is releasing a frequency and we sense this frequency whether we realise it or not.

Some call this our aura and depending on who we are and how we feel we radiate this vibration at various distances from our body. If you come closer to a person you often pick up on their aura or frequency.

We might say that a person has “negative energy”, or “positive energy” and we sense their emotions as if they were our own. This is due to when we are close in proximity to someone we will come in sync and start to vibrate at the same frequency as the other person!

Sounds weird I know, but just think about the last time you were around someone who was in a bad mood or angry. Before long you feel like the life has been sucked out of the air around you, right?

Or stand close to someone who is totally elated, they can’t keep in their joy and soon you’re feeling so happy yourself, even though nothing has changed for you personally!

Every emotion emits a different frequency or energy. The energy released through different emotions has been measured (won’t bore you with all of the science behind this but it really is fascinating!). The emotions we enjoy and love to experience, like freedom and bliss, emit a higher frequency than negative emotions, such as shame and guilt. No surprises there.

Science also tells us that exposure to lower frequencies, destructive energy, leads to sicknesses and disease whereas higher frequencies, with greater creative energy, leads to wellness and peace.

The really good bit, higher frequencies trump lower frequencies! So, next time you’re around someone releasing negative energy, because they’re angry or in fear, tune into a higher frequency, such as Love or joy, and release that over them. Intentionally love them. Bring Peace to them. Then sense their negative energy fade as their frequency starts to sync with yours.

The wonderful thing is that practises, such as mindfulness, prayer and meditation, can all bring you into a higher frequency state with peace, acceptance, love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness all elevating your frequency. Cool hey?

So it seems that the Beach Boys really were onto something, let’s pick up on those excitations and tune into those good vibrations for a healthy, happy life!


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