Spiritual Insights

Good Vibrations!

Expanding Spirit

Ever walked into a room and you could cut the air with a knife? Even without knowing what has happened between the people in the room you just know that there has been some major conflict just before you walked in.

Or perhaps you just get the creeps around a person in the supermarket? Or feel peaceful around another?

What you are picking up on is the frequency emitting from the person.

All of us emit a frequency, a vibration of who we are and what we’re feeling. The Beach Boys were obviously …

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The Flow of Life & Why You Need It

River Flow_kazuend

For those who have lived through some sort of lock-down this past year you may get what I mean when I say face-to-face relationships were the biggest thing missing from my life.

In Victoria, Australia, where I live, we spent 5 months of 2020 locked in our homes with only a 5km radius to go out for food or 1 hour of exercise each day. I missed a lot of things, in that time, but the most powerful thing I missed was seeing my friends face-to-face. I missed relationships with ‘skin on’. Zoom or pho…

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